Dec 14

Whatever happened to David Blaine?

What do Outkast, Eminem, and David Blaine have in common? They all have tapped the power of less is more. Outkast puts out a cd with a couple KILLER tracks, get really popular. He Ya, anyone?

The same goes for Eminem. It took me a few months of sincerely asking what ever happened to Eminem to find out he had a new single out. This was months ago. I swear.

And the same goes for Blaine. Think what you will, but he gets ratings, shocks the public and the tv audience, does his stunt, and gets people talking again.

Then they all vanish (sorry). Just when you think, hey whatever happened to…… They pop back, just when they are wanted, not staying beyond their welcome.

As to the title of the blog, Blaine had 2 new specials air this past sunday. Reruns will be on the Travle Channel, check your local listings. But here’s a sneak peek.

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